Providing Advanced Composite Materials Processing Consumables and High Energy Cells

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Composite Fabrics

Dry Fabrics for advanced composite production. Choose from sleevings, triax, biax and value added preforms etc.  

Carbon fibre, Fibreglass, Bio-based and Aramid

Process Consumables

We have a wide range of composite process materials and equipment including composite lamination and kitting tables, consumables racking solutions, and vacuum infusion systems.

High Energy Density Cells

Molicel Lithium-ion high energy density battery cell products for domestic, aviation and automotive applications. 


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About Us

Procure Materials provide's a variety of composite reinforcements and quality process materials for the aerospace and industrial composites markets. The types of products we provide include everything from carbon fibre and glass fibre braids, aramid or Kevlar fabrics, to shrink tape and composite process materials like FEP release tubing. Browse our website for further information on our wide range of products or contact our professional, friendly team.