Endurosharp Products

Highly engineered carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics formulations are capable of achieving higher strength to weight ratios than lightweight alloys such as aluminum and titanium. Consequently these fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials are gaining wider adoption in the aerospace and defense markets.

Endurosharp® is a line of thermoplastic tools specifically designed to safely remove coatings, boots, tapes, sealants, adhesives, gap fillers and caulking materials as well as pressure sensitive (PSA) adhesive and tape residue without damaging underlying metallic surfaces (i.e. steel, titanium, and aluminum) and nonmetallic (i.e. composites surfaces such as fiberglass, carbon/graphite), glass and ceramic surfaces. 


Our injection molded Torlon® tools provide significant performance benefits compared to other nonmetallic material removal tools.  

Endurosharp Products


Hand Tools for use with Torlon scrapers, reemers and other hardware


Kits of all the best tools, hardware and consumables


Torlon/ Fibreglass injection moulded reemers, cutters and scrapers


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